Municipal Court Practice

Attorney Soto has vast experience in a Municipal Courtroom having worked for lawfirms as a Municipal Court Defense Attorney. He has also  served as a Union City Public Defender at the Union City Municipal Court. Mr. Soto's exerience in Municipal Court ranges from Traffic vioaltions which include your garden variety type of Traffic Violations which include speeding and all types of moving violations .Mr. Soto has much experience handling DWI / DUI offenses which include Trials when appropriate for the case at hand. It is our goal to resolve your traffic case expiditiously as well as effectively with the aim of our client retaining their driiving privileges. 
In Municipal Court there are multiple complaints and summon's issued daily for such offenses as Disorderly persons's offenses, Local town ordinances, domestic violence cases just to name a few. Mr. Soto is equipped to handle these cases and it is his goal to obtain a sucessful result while avoiding excessive fines and or any jail time.